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Glass Rinser

Choiceware glass rinser for kitchen sink is a quick and easy to install extra installation

A simple swap that transforms your kitchen

Quick and Convenient Cleaning

The powerful water jets from the glass rinser spray the inside of the cup to kick out the residue in seconds. It is easy to use and will leave your kitchen in a cleaner state. No need to pile up cups in your sink; rinse cups as you use.

Product Benefits

  • Attractive and Durable Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Fits most drinkwares
  • Thoughtful Gift Idea
  • Water Conservation


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Ideal Customers

1: Parents with babies of formula age currently bottle feeding
2: People who want to lose or gain weight taking protein powder/smoothies/
3:Coffee/Tea lovers Know More

Customer Goals

1: To make cleaning quick and convenient
2: To provide unique and valuable gifts to friends, families and loved ones
3:To prevent cluttering of kitchen sink with drinkwares Know More

Customer Concerns

1: It is built cheaply (durability)
2: Leakage
3: Will it fit all my cup sizes?
4: What level of clean does it achieve
5: Provides a good value for its price? Know More

Product Features

1: 10 powerful water jets
2: Attractive Stainless Steel Design
3: Easy Installation
4: Works with hot and cold water supply
5: Parts and accessories are includedKnow More

What to Expect

Days Guaranteed Delivery
0 +
Years Warranty
Day Free Shipping
Powerful water jets
20% OFF!

Installation Steps

Remove soap dispenser, sink sprayer or sink hole cover from countertop or sink hole
Insert the glass rinser into the hole left from the previous step
Under the countertop/sink, put the plastic spacer and metal washer on the glass rinser metal shank then screw on the mounting nut.

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